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215 2C-C PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
195 2C-D PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
209 2C-E PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
181 2C-H PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
226 2C-N PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
223 2C-P PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
241 2C-T-2 PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
255 2C-T-4 PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
359 AM2201 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
435 AM694 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
318 CP 47,497 USCSA,cannabinoid,S.3187
332 CP 47,497 (/dimethyloctyl /homologue) USCSA,cannabinoid,S.3187
307 2-(4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxy-phenyl)ethanamine PiHKAL,phenethylamine,S.3187,USCSA
341 JWH-018 USCSA,cannabinoid,S.3187
355 JWH-019 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
327 JWH-073 USCSA,cannabinoid,S.3187
371 JWH-081 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
355 JWH-122 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
339 JWH-203 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
335 JWH-250 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
375 JWH-398 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
275 3,4-Methylenedioxypyrovalerone cathinone,S.3187,USCSA
177 4-Methyl-/N-methylcathinone cathinone,S.3187,USCSA
384 1-[2-(4-Morpholinyl)ethyl]-3-(1-naphthoyl)indole USCSA,cannabinoid,S.3187
321 RCS-4 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
375 RCS-8 cannabinoid,S.3187,USCSA
Title Publication Date Vol. Iss. Page(s) Remarks
Title Publication Date Vol. Iss. Page(s) Remarks
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