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Nominal mass Substance name Tags
188 Alpha-ethyltryptamine USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
174 Alpha-methyltryptamine USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
204 Bufotenine USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
216 Diethyltryptamine USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
188 Dimethyltryptamine USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
260 4-Hydroxy DIPT TiHKAL,tryptamine
218 4-Hydroxy MET TiHKAL,tryptamine
310 Ibogaine USCSA,TiHKAL
323 Lysergic acid diethylamide USCSA,TiHKAL,ergoline
274 5-Methoxy-/N,/N-diisopropyltryptamine USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
218 5-Methoxy-/N,/N-dimethyltryptamine USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
204 5-Methoxy-α-methyltryptamine TiHKAL,tryptamine
284 Psilocybin USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
204 Psilocyn USCSA,TiHKAL,tryptamine
Title Publication Date Vol. Iss. Page(s) Remarks
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