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CSA Names: 2C-T-7
CSA Location: Schedule I Section (d) Subsection (6) DEA code 7348
CSA History: 68 FR 52872 proposed to add (and to renumber subsequent entries) on 8 Sep 2003
69 FR 12794 added (and renumbered subsequent entries) effective 18 Mar 2004
Names: 2-[2,5-Dimethoxy-4-(propylsulfanyl)phenyl]ethanamine (IUPAC)
Molecular formula: C13H21NO2S
Nominal mass: 255
Average mass: 255.3763
Monoisotopic mass: 255.129300
CAS registry number: 207740-26-9
ChemSpider: 21106233
PubChem: 24728635
Wikipedia: 2C-T-7
Erowid: 2C-T-7
Drugs-Forum: 2C-T-7
Bluelight: 2C-T-7
Standard InChI: InChI=1S/C13H21NO2S/c1-4-7-17-13-9-11(15-2)10(5-6-14)8-12(13)16-3/h8-9H,4-7,14H2,1-3H3
Tags: USCSA,PiHKAL,phenethylamine
Property Value Remarks
Property Value Remarks
Location Type Remarks
2CT7 HCl.pdf ATR IR Thermo Nicolet
2ct7.pdf EI MS Agilent MSD
2,5-Dimethoxy-4-(N)-propylthiophenethylamine.bmp GC IRD Used with Permission of Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Forensic Science Center, Controlled Substances Laboratory.
2,5-dimethoxy-4-(n)-propylthiophenethylamine (2CT7)-raman.pdf RAMAN GBI DOFS
Vendor ID URL
Cayman Chemical 11200
Cerilliant T-084
Cerilliant NMID919
Grace Davison (Alltech) 01646
LGC CAY-11200-10MG
Lipomed CT7-822-HC§ion=mediadir&cmd=detail
Sigma Aldrich T-084 Cerilliant®ion=US
Toronto Research Chemicals D460738
Title Publication Date Vol. Iss. Page(s) Remarks
PiHKAL • info Isomer Design
2C-T-7 Placed Under Emergency Control By DEA Journal of CLIC 2003-01-00 Vol 13 (1) Law Enforcement Restricted
THE IDENTIFICATION OF 2,5-DIMETHOXY-4-(N)-PROPYLTHIOPHENETHYLAMINE (2C-T-7) (Law enforcement restricted publication) Microgram Bulletin 2001-07-00 Vol 34 (7) Michelle M. Zimmerman
Substance name
Substance name
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